Back to basics: inclusion from the nondual perspective

By Sara Eisenberg

Many thanks to Sara for letting us share this reflection from her blog, A Life of Practice. Sara discusses “inclusion from a nondual perspective: about its origins and power in what I call the Radical Oneness of existence, or the universe, or reality.”

Read the post. 

Sara Eisenberg is a wisdom guide and healer. She has studied Nondual Kabbalistic Healing with A Society of Souls’ founder Jinen Jason Shulman since 1995, and holds an M.S. in Herbal Medicine. She is in private practice at Ruscombe Community Health Center, teaches at the MD University of Integrative Health (formerly TAI Sophia Institute) and she is the founder of A Life of Practice, her online home where she integrates her work in Nondual Kabbalistic Healing, Herbal Medicine, and Creative Inquiry.