Women at the Well Winter 2017: A Daily Cup of Compassion

Have you ever considered that you are a vessel for divine love? What if we moved through our daily lives recognizing that God is using us to bring about goodness? What if we were able to share God’s compassion with everyone we encountered?

This winter, our Women at the Well groups will explore the multidimensional theme of compassion and discover practical steps for how to bring compassion into the messiness and beauty of our daily lives.

You are uniquely created by God to love and be loved. In our journey together we hope to become more aware that we are vessels for God, capable of being filled with greater compassion and able to share that compassion with others. Using the symbol of the cup, we hope to make a holy space for compassion, aligning our spirits to God’s desires for us and for our world.

Our sessions will cover the following topics:

Gathering 1: Vessels for Love

Gathering 2: Who is My Neighbor?

Gathering 3: Being Kind to Myself: Self-Compassion

Gathering 4: Forgiveness is For Giving

Gathering 5: Steeping

Gathering 6: Compassion Café

Choose from our Wednesday morning group (begins Jan. 18), Monday evening group (begins Jan. 30), or Thursday morning group (begins Feb. 2).

Cost: Register at least one week in advance and pay $150. Late registration is $180.

Questions? Please call the Well for the Journey office at 410-296-9355.

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