Six Questions with… Maggie Lears

There are many wonderful people who support Well for the Journey. Each month, we’ll post a short q&a with a different member of the Well community. 

MagLearsPhotoMaggie Lears is the immediate past chair of the Well’s Board of Directors, and a Marketing and Communications Circle chair. She teaches communications at Towson University.

How/when did you become involved with Well for the Journey?

My first experience with Well for the Journey was about four years ago. I attended an Advent retreat at Bon Secours Spiritual Center that was sponsored by the Well. My niece, Heidi Schreiber-Pan, extended the invitation and I’m ever so grateful that she did. It was a profound experience filled with “aha moments” and fun – definitely my kind of program. Several months later I participated in A World Café put on by the Well and ended up volunteering to assist with their marketing plans. I have been very happily involved ever since then.

What do you wish more people knew about the Well?

Of course, we have many programs and events that have a wide appeal, but what many people might not think about when deciding about participating is the incredible people that are drawn to this organization that they will have the opportunity to meet. I knew that I would learn more about myself and deepen my own spirituality by participating at the Well, but I never envisioned the deep relationships and friendships that I have made over the last several years. The Well has really enriched my social life as well as my spiritual life. And what wonderful friendships they are.

What’s a great event for newcomers to check out?

So many come to mind but learning about the Enneagram might be a good choice for newcomers. (NOTE: This event is now full.) The Enneagram is a wonderful tool that combines psychology with spirituality, and it was a tremendous learning experience for me. And Bev Gorman is one of the best facilitators that the Well has. She explains complex issues so clearly and with a wonderful sense of faith and fun.

What’s it like to teach communications, a field that’s constantly changing?

Keeping up with technology both “ages” and keeps me young. Many a time, I yearn to teach philosophy or history – some discipline that doesn’t change on a nearly daily basis. The advent of social media has turned the marketing/advertising industry on its head and it’s a constant trick to stay one step ahead of my students. I truly learn from them every day. That said, there are certainly basic tenets of any communication (mass or interpersonal) that never change so that’s my true comfort zone. For everything in flux, I incorporate current industry events into all my classes every day – the students prepare these presentations and we all learn a lot about trends that way.

What are your favorite hobbies/leisure activities?

My two real passions in life are cooking and spending time with my family. I have three amazing sons, two wonderful daughters-in-law, and two perfect grandchildren with another on the way (in my humble opinion). We just spent a family day at Hershey Park riding the roller coasters – so much fun with my kids and grandkids. Spending time with them feeds my soul. If I was starting a career over, I’m pretty sure I would go to culinary arts school. I love everything about food. I also love to dance and sing (although it’s only right to point out that I really can’t do either one with any finesse). It’s just the joy of movement and sound that elevates my spirit.

What Well events do you hope to attend this fall?

For me, the Well has so many programs this fall that I want to take. I had to narrow it down to these three (after all, there is only so much time). I will be going on the Harriet Tubman pilgrimage, I’ll be heading to Cape May for the Well by the Sea annual weekend retreat, and I am participating in the program that is exploring Brené Brown’s new book, Rising Strong. Good times!


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