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Since 2002, Well for the Journey (the Well) has offered innovative programs that encourage and support spiritual wellness. We’re committed to helping people tend to their spiritual life as an integral part of wholeness, inviting them to create community through meaningful relationships, and helping them find meaning – wherever they are on their journey.

Because of that commitment, and our desire to reach out to communities in Baltimore and beyond, we created Mobile Well. Mobile Well brings our wide range of programs to community organizations (such as community centers, retirement communities, worship communities, workplaces, etc.).

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Sample Workshops, Programs, Retreats (Fees vary)

Conscious Aging. How can we look at aging as life-expanding rather than self-limiting? Learn about this new approach from the Institute of Noetic Sciences that offers guidance, meaning, connection, and community to shift our consciousness on aging away from self-limitation and fear into wholeness, connection, and compassion.

Choosing Love as a Response: Embracing Wholeness – Amid the divisions in our families, communities, and world, choosing love as a response begins in our own heart. Explore how to bring wholeness to our loved ones, our communities, and our world.

A Daily Cup of Compassion – Come in from the cold, warm your soul, and pour yourself a cup of compassion. Drawing from world traditions as well as contemporary research, we will learn about compassion and, using a single cup as a tool, discover daily practices that can make a profound impact on our world.

Harriet’s Hope: The Spirit of Harriet Tubman – Known as “the Moses of her people,” Harriet Tubman’s spirit and legacy transcend time, challenging us to strive for justice and freedom. Hear her story from award-winning storyteller Janice Curtis Greene* and learn how her faith empowered her to lead enslaved people to freedom in the face of tremendous danger. *Additional cost 

Journeying through Transitions – Explore how to better embrace life’s inevitable transitions, listen for God’s guidance, and become open to new opportunities.

Cultivating Your Gifts- No matter what our age, each of us has gifts buried within us waiting to be discovered and shared with those who need them. Discover the uniqueness of our true selves, grow more fully into the people we were created to be, and share these gifts with others.