Cultivating Relationships

Dear Friend,

Relationships touch and affect us daily. They take on many forms on different levels which are necessary for survival, yet there is a deeper thirst for us all when it comes to relationships. If we are honest, there is a profound longing within, wanting community with others, wanting to be known by others.

Cultivating relationships is core to Well for the Journey’s existence. Through small groups, a safe place for questioning and exploration, and sacred space for the depth of relationship to be stirred, The Well seeks to nurture and support growth toward these deep Spirit-fed connections. It is our passion, our mission, our vision, our hope and desire!

Last year alone, The Well offered more than 480 program experiences to participants who, like you, thirst for meaning and grounding in their daily lives. In addition, The Well’s Daily Faith messages touched over 1,350 recipients daily. Together, The Well’s in-person programs and social media offerings extend to fellow journeyers from 24 states, and we are developing new programs and new offerings for the coming year designed to help you and others continue to grow and be grounded in the Spirit.

In order for The Well to continue cultivating healthy, deep relationships – thus making an impact on our community and the world and to continue living into our mission of cultivating life-changing relationships – your involvement is key.

We need your help to fill The Well with your energy, your prayers, your participation – and your much-needed financial support. We ask that you prayerfully consider making a contribution to our fall campaign “Filling The Well.” Our goal is to raise $125,000 for our 2015-16 fiscal year. Your donation can be made all at once or in monthly, quarterly or semi-annual installments between now and June 30, 2016. Pledges are most welcome as they help us to budget and plan for the remainder of our fiscal year.

You can make a donation online through our secure website at

Like ripples in still water that spreads from a single drop, your financial gift changes the landscape of the lives that we serve and the community with which The Well interacts.

With gratitude,

Greg A. Cochran                                  Maggie Lears
Executive Director                               Chair, Board of Directors




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