Photographer Captured

By Greg Cochran

Creation gifts me – I do not know why I deserve to be such a recipient.

From the expansive waves of Blue Ridge Mountains to an iris’ intricate design, moments of Essence kiss me daily.

I am gifted by what I have no claim upon. I have no commentary other than it is a gift (not to be selfishly guarded), not to be kept in cellophane wrapping or saved for another day.

Still, I desire to remain attached to these moments, to hang on to this deep beauty, this un-namable peace. I want this palpable Essence to linger on my tongue. I want to settle into these moments, abide there, build a monument, hold onto them, capture them.

So I raise my Nikon, and from a 52mm sphere I try to capture these measureless moments, knowing, intuitively, that the “trying” is energy displaced.

Essence cannot be possessed, held on to, captured. I cannot enslave Essence.

She is The Gift – ever present – woven intricately into our being.

Yet, I am stirred deeply – life’s meaning whispered to me on a moment’s breath.

Oneness with the One permeates me endlessly, my mind cannot comprehend it.

I lower my “moment-capturing-device”, take a deep breath, and lean into the trust that Essence is already stirring within me – holding me – each moment.

Maybe I am the one needing to be captured?

Greg Cochran is executive director of Well for the Journey.

This article originally appeared in the Winter 2018 issue of Quench, the Well’s quarterly newsletter.